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Project Gigabit
South West Cornwall and Mid Cornwall

How will gigabit broadband benefit me?
Gigabit-capable networks are fast and fit for the future, allowing users to work, stream and use multiple smart devices online without the battle for bandwidth or disruption often experienced with ageing networks.

The new 10Gbps network represents a significant technological leap for Cornwall, capable of speeds up to 100 times faster than the average internet speeds currently available in Cornwall.

Gigabit Broadband for Your Home

Our lives have become dependent on access to the internet more than ever before; whether that be working from home, streaming home entertainment, accessing education services, connecting with friends and family, using smart care technology and other smart devices or simply accessing online services. Gigabit broadband will enable you to do all this and more, across multiple devices, without lag or buffering.

Gigabit broadband is the next generation in high speed broadband, and gives you access to the fastest, most reliable internet connection available.

Gigabit Broadband for Your Business

Having access to a fast, reliable internet connection has become a necessity for most businesses. A gigabit connection gives your business the reassurance of having access to the fastest and most reliable internet speeds available today.

Plus, gigiabit broadband provides opportunities for your business to make significant efficiency savings, improve communications throughout your business with digital telephony solutions, increase security with Cloud-based data back-up options, and provide enhanced services to your customers.

Part fibre versus full fibre: What's the difference?

Part Fibre

A part fibre connection is where fibre is provided to the nearest cabinet. Your property is then connected via and the copper network and your existing landline.

Because the connection is still reliant on the copper network, the speeds you can receive are restricted, meaning you’re not able to benefit from the full speeds and reliability provided from a full fibre connection.

Gigabit full fibre broadband

A gigabit full fibre connection means you get full fibre delivered directly into your property.

There is no requirement for a landline or copper network used, which means you get the full benefit of gigabit speeds and reliability offered from a full fibre connection.

You can retain a landline if you wish, but with full fibre you can explore digital telephony solutions at home too.

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